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The club will be called COLERNE RUGBY FOOTBALL CLUB and will be affiliated to The Rugby Football Union (RFU) and shall be bound by their laws and bye-laws.


The aims and objectives of the club will be:

a. To promote the amateur sport of Rugby Union in Colerne and encourage community participation in the same

b. To offer coaching and competitive opportunities in the name of Rugby Union Football

c. To manage Colerne Rugby Football Club

d. To ensure a duty of care to all members of the Club

e. To provide all its services in a way that is fair to everyone

f. To ensure that all present and future members receive fair and equal treatment

g. That the game of Rugby Union shall take priority over all matters


Membership of the Club shall be open to anyone interested in the sport on application regardless of their age, gender, ability, race, ethnic origin, creed, colour, nationality, social status, or sexual orientation. They will receive a genuine and equal opportunity to participate in Rugby Union at all levels and in all roles, that is as a beginner participant, player, coach, official, referee, manager, administrator, spectator or member of this club.

The Club may have different classes of membership and subscription on a non-discriminatory and fair basis. The Club will keep subscription at levels that will not pose a significant obstacle to people participating.

The Club Committee may refuse membership, or remove it, only for good cause such as conduct or character likely to bring the Club or sport into disrepute. Appeal against refusal or removal may be made under Section 11 of the Constitution.

Members should consist of Officers and Members of the Club. All members will be subject to the regulations of this Constitution, and by joining the Club will be deemed to have accepted these regulations and code of conduct.

Members will be enrolled in one of the following categories:

Vice-President Membership
Player Membership
Junior Membership
Family Membership
Social Membership
Life Membership

Membership fees will be set annually and agreed by the Management Committee or determined at the Annual General Meeting. Fees will be paid annually by the beginning of the forthcoming season.


The officers of the Club will consist of the follow positions:

Vice Chairman
Honorary Secretary
Fixtures Secretary
Mini’s Chairman
Development Officer

Officers will be elected annually at the Annual General Meeting. All officers will retire each year but will be eligible for reappointment.


The Club will be managed through the Management Committee consisting of the following appointments:

Honorary Secretary
Fixtures Secretary
Mini’s Chairman
Social Secretary
Discipline Officer
Welfare/Safeguarding Officer
Membership Secretary
Volunteer Coordinator
Grants Coordinator
General Committee Members

Only these posts will have the right to vote at the meeting of the Management Committee

The Management Committee will be convened by the Honorary Secretary of the Club and held no less than 12 meetings per year.

The quorum required for business to be agreed at the Management Committee meeting will be 6, and the Chairman shall be entitled to a second or casting vote.

The Management Committee will be responsible for adopting new policy, code of conduct and rules that affect the organisation of the Club.

The Management Committee will have the powers to appoint sub-committees as necessary, and appoint advisers to the Management Committee as necessary to fulfil its business.


There shall be a minimum of three (3) Trustees to be selected by the Management Committee. Each trustee shall remain in office until death, resignation or until an Extraordinary General Meeting of the membership shall think it’s proper to remove any of them and elect a new Trustee (s). All property of the Club shall be vested in the Trustees as joint tenants and the Trustees shall hold the same for the general use of the membership in accordance with these rules. The Trustees may deal with such property by the way of sale, mortgage, change, and lease or otherwise as directed by the Management Committee. The Management Committee may authorise the Trustees to make transactions up to the value of £10,000 pounds, transactions of a higher value must be approved by an AGM or EGM. Such direction shall be given by a resolution of the membership and must be passed by a majority of the members present at the duly convened meeting, and when so passed shall be in favour of a purchaser, mortgagee, chargee, lessee, or grantee be binding upon all members of the Club. A certificate signed by the Honorary Secretary of the Club shall favour the said persons and be conclusive evidence that the direction given will comply in all respects with the above provision of this rule to the Trustees.


The Club Treasurer will be responsible for the finances of the Club, and all monies will be banked in an account held in the name of the Club. The financial year will run from the 1st May – 30th April annually.

An audited statement of the annual accounts will be presented by the Treasurer at the Annual General Meeting.

Any cheques drawn against the Club funds should hold the signatures of the Treasurer plus either of the authorise officers.

All surplus income or profit will be reinvested into the Club. No surpluses, profits or assets will be distributed to any of the membership or third parties.


Notice of the Annual General Meeting (AGM) will be given by the Honorary Secretary no less than 21 clear days prior to the commencement of the meeting to all the Club membership.

The AGM will receive reports from selected officers of the Management Committee and a statement of the audited accounts

New nominations for officers of the Management Committee should be presented to the Honorary Secretary seven days prior to the AGM, and elections of those officers will take place at the AGM.

All current members of Colerne RFC present at the AGM have the right to vote.


The Management Committee may at their discretion call an Extraordinary General Meeting (EGM) at any time, but giving at least 7 clear day notice prior to commencement of said meeting. Notice must be given to the membership specifying the purpose and subject for discussion at this meeting. The Management Committee shall also call an EGM on receipt of a written request by ten per cent of the current voting membership, and any decision at that EGM shall not be binding unless twenty per cent of the current voting membership is present. Any decision must carry a two thirds majority vote of all current members present at the EGM.


The Club is responsible for dealing with any act of indiscipline on or off the field of play by any player, supporter and spectator, or any Club member who uses threatening or abusive language or inappropriate behaviour towards any other member or visitor to the Club or in any way brings the Club or the game into disrepute. Any member, whether player, supporter, or spectator will have the right to the Club appeals procedure following any penalty imposed.

All information regarding Colerne RFC’s Discipline Procedure and Appeals Procedure can be found contained in the Club’s Discipline Policy Document.


A resolution to dissolve Colerne RFC which is an none profit organisation can only be passed at an AGM or EGM through a majority vote of the current membership.

In the event of the dissolution of Colerne RFC, any assets remaining after the satisfaction of all debts and liabilities shall not be paid to or distributed among the current membership of the Club. They shall be given or transferred to one or more of the following approved sporting or charitable bodies:

a. A local registered charitable organisation

b. Another club which is a registered CASC

c. The sports national governing body (RFU) for use by them for locally related community sports


This constitution can only be changed through agreement by a majority vote of the current membership at either an AGM or EGM.


Colerne Rugby Football Club hereby adopts and accepts this constitution as their current operating guide regulating the actions of its membership.

Signed: Date:

Name: Mr E Gardiner

Club Chairman

Signed: Date:

Name: Mr J Hutchinson

Honorary Secretary


1. Colerne Rugby Football Club (RFC) acknowledges the duty of care to safeguard and promote the welfare of children and is committed to ensuring safeguarding practice reflects statutory responsibilities, government guidance and complies with best practice and the Rugby Football Unions Safeguarding Policy and the procedures, practices and guidelines and endorses and adopts the Policy Statement contained in that document.

2. A child is anyone under the age of 18 engaged in any rugby union activity. However, where a 17 year old male player is playing in the adult game it is essential that every reasonable precaution is taken to ensure his safety and wellbeing are protected.

3. The Key Principles of the RFU Safeguarding Children & Vulnerable Adults Policy are that:

a. The welfare of the child or vulnerable adult (as appropriate) is, and must always be, paramount to any other considerations.
b. All participants regardless of age, gender, ability or disability, socio-economic background, race, faith, culture, size, shape, language or sexual identity have the right to protection from abuse or harm.
c. All allegations or suspicions of abuse, neglect, harm and poor practice will be taken seriously and responded to swiftly, fairly and appropriately.
d. Working in partnership with other organisations, statutory agencies, parents, carers, children and young people is essential for the welfare of children and young people.
e. Children have a right to expect support, and personal and social development delivered by appropriately recruited, vetted and managed people in relation to their participation in rugby union, whether they are playing, volunteering or officiating in the community or professional areas of the sport.
f. Colerne RFC requires a parent/guardian or responsible adult (to whom the parent has temporarily placed the care of their child) to remain on the club premises at all times when a child is present.

4. Colerne RFC recognises that all children have the right to participate in sport in a safe, positive and enjoyable environment whilst at the same time being protected from abuse, neglect, harm and poor practice. Colerne RFC recognises that this is the responsibility of everyone involved, in whatever capacity at the club.

5. The policy and procedures will be widely promoted and are mandatory for everyone involved in Colerne RFC. Failure to comply with the policy and procedures will be addressed without delay and may ultimately result in dismissal/exclusion from the club and other appropriate action.

6. Colerne RFC will implement and comply with the RFU Code of Conduct and the Codes of Conduct for Coaches, Spectators and Officials as appropriate. Colerne RFC will ensure its spectators, parents, members and officials are all aware of and have accepted the club Photographic Policy as set out in the club welcome pack and on the website.

7. Colerne RFC will endeavour to comply with the Guidance for Websites as set out on the RFU website.

8 .The Club Safeguarding Officer is Mr Mike Batty.

9. If you witness or are aware of an incident where the welfare of a child or vulnerable adult has been put at risk you must in the first instance inform the Club Safeguarding Officer. They will then inform the CB Safeguarding Manager and the RFU Safeguarding Executive. If an incident involves the Club Safeguarding Officer you should inform the Chairman of Colerne Panthers (Mr Hugo House) and either the CB Safeguarding Manager or the RFU Safeguarding Executive.

9. All members of Colerne RFC who have a regular supervisory contact with children or a management responsibility for those working with children must undertake a Disclosure and Barring Service (DBS) check as well as any additional safety checks and registration.

10. Colerne RFC will ensure that all its members, whether they are coaches, parents, players or officials will comply with the Best Practice Guidance as issued by the RFU. In summary the following are NOT acceptable and will be treated seriously by the club and may result in disciplinary action being taken by the club, the CB or the RFU:
a. Working alone with a child, children, vulnerable adult, or adults.
b. Consuming alcohol whilst responsible for children or vulnerable adults.
c. Providing alcohol to children or allowing its supply.
d. Smoking in the presence of children.
e. Humiliating children or vulnerable adults.
f. Inappropriate or unnecessary physical contact with a child or vulnerable adult.
g. Participating in, or allowing, contact or physical games with children or vulnerable adults.
h. Having an intimate or sexual relationship with any child or vulnerable adult developed as a result of being in a “position of trust”.
i. Making sexually explicit comments or sharing sexually explicit material.

11 .Colerne RFC manages the changing facilities and arranges for them to be supervised by two adults of the appropriate gender for the players using the facilities. Colerne RFC ensures that all its coaches, parents, officials and spectators are aware that adults must not change at the same time, using the same facilities as children or vulnerable adults.

12. Colerne RFC will ensure that its coaches and managerial staff will receive the support and training considered appropriate to their position and role. The RFU “Managing Challenging Behaviour” Policy has been adopted and circulated amongst the club workforce both, voluntary and paid.

13. Any events held on Colerne RFC premises must comply with this Policy and if appropriate a Safeguarding Plan should be discussed and circulated to those affected. Any tours, overseas or domestic, undertaken by Colerne RFC must comply with the relevant RFU Regulations and Guidance relating to tours.

14. Colerne RFC’s photographic policy is taken and amended from the Child Protection in Sport Unit website
a.Children’s names will not be used in photographic captions on any club media.
b. A parental permission form will be obtained to give consent for a child to be photographed/videoed.
c. We will only take and use images of children in suitable dress to reduce the risk of misuse.
d. Professional photographers or press who are invited to an event will receive written expectations making clear the expectations on them in regards to child protection.
e.Photographers will not be permitted unsupervised access to children.
f. The club does not approve photography sessions outside the event or at a child’s home.

15. All electronic communication will be sent to the parent/guardian and not to the child directly.

15. Further Information including the RFUs Safeguarding Policy and Codes of Conduct are available through the RFU Safeguarding Network Website on:

Mike Batty
Colerne Panthers Safeguarding Officer
07827 965934