You can pay your club membership on-line today through our website and your payment will be routed through the RFU secure servers. Here's how:

1- hit the membership tab in the main website navigation
2- select type of membership to purchase (see below for more info on Panthers Membership)
3- hit purchase
4- This takes you to the RFU secure site where you will be asked to log in. TO FIND OUT YOUR RFU LOGIN DETAILS, SEND A PRIVATE MESSAGE TO @colernerugbyclub to request it and it will be sent to you. If you have your RFU login but have lost your password, click here, hit forgotten password and you will be sent a new one.
5- hit add to order
6- hit next
7- hit review order
8- fill in online card details and pay now

...And that's it! If you have any question please email us


A youth player membership costs £55 of the season. This grants club membership for the player and social membership for all your family. If you have more than one child who is a playing Panther, you must buy one full youth membership and then a 'youth player £10' supplement for each additional playing child.  

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